Our Programme

Meetings and workshops 2021

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Spaces at workshops are limited, so it's important to book in advance. If you'd like to attend, please contact Helen. There is an addditional charge, presently £30, for workshops.

Jan 9th, Sat 2.30pm

Joanna O'Neill


Jan 30th, Sat 10.00am


Wendy Dolan

Architecture in stitch

Feb 13th, Sat 2.30pm

Debbie Mitchener

Natural dyeing

Mar 13th, Sat 2.30pm

Amarjeet Nandhra

Finding my visual language

Mar 27th, Sat 10.00am


Amarjeet Nandhra

Phulkari/kantha embroidery: a contemporary exploration

April 10th, Sat 2.30pm

Janet Edmonds

From clay to cloth

May 8th, Sat 2.30pm

Through the keyhole-4

May 22nd, Sat 10.00am


Debbie Mitchener

Natural dyeing

Click here for the agenda, here for the requirements and here for the kit contents

June 12th, Sat 2.30pm

Chris Fraser

Paisley: the story of a pattern

Click here for the Paisley Summer Challenge!

June 26th, Sat 10.00am


Mary McIntosh

Putting on the Glitz

Click here for the pack contents and requirements

July 10th, Sat 2.30pm

Exhibition and afternoon tea


No meeting

Sept 11th, Sat 2.30pm

Lisa Howes

Zentangle Drawing for Stitch

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Oct 16th, Sat 2.30pm

Caroline Kirton

Stories behind the Stitches

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This is the third Saturday to avoid clashing with Knitting & Stitching Show

Nov 13th, Sat 2.30pm

Jackie O’Malley

Using metal to embellish fabric

Click here for description and requirements

Nov 27th, Sat 9.30am


Jackie O’Malley

Embellished fabric lampshade

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Dec 11th, Sat 2.30pm

Christmas party, refreshments and annual competition: Folk tales